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On January 20th, 2018, Whitney Austin opened her second art gallery in Charlotte, NC. The Grand Opening was a magical celebration of her growth as an artist including live music, deliutiful people! The Whitney Austin Gallery of Art is locatecious food and drinks….plus plenty of bead in South Charlotte, not too far from Carowinds Amusement Park.


I USE TO THINK I WAS A FAILURE….confused at what or who I was supposed to be. I grew up in Columbus, OH. I tried a few different majors in college. Went to school to become a Graphic Designer, then a Journalist, then a Psychologist. I went for careers that I could make decent money, while still maintaining some level of sanity. But I still knew it wasn’t for me. I worked in Sales, worked for Radio One, became a Flight Attendant, then became a Director of Sales & Marketing for an Assisted Living Community.

I had no idea that everything I was attempting to become, was being forced. When all I had to do was be 100% me! My passion was smothered into a coma! It took me until my late 20’s to finally wake up and realize that it’s ok to let everything go and follow my passion! I seemed crazy. It seemed random and risky, but it never seemed forced or unsure! I knew this was for me!

All of my failures, my confused years of exploring and learning myself…. Have all prepared me to be able to understand my current business and lifestyle as an Artist. Allow your past to be lessons and not regrets! It’s normal to be confused and to hide away from your true passion. DON’T LET YOUR PASSION STAY IN A COMA! WAKE IT UP AND LIVE YOUR AUTHENTIC LIFE!!

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