Hello and thank you in advance for being interested in a Custom Painting/Commission by Whitney Austin. This is an opportunity to come up with a unique concept that you personally connect with, and allow the talent & creativity of Whitney to bring it to life! Please keep in mind that Custom Paintings are priced at 50% more than her regular original paintings. This price reflects  additional time required to create custom colors & layout, the time needed to communicate via phone & email over concept & changes, plus the time it takes away from creating her own originals & business operations. 3d textured or broken glass paintings cost additional. Sorry but Whitney is not accepting any personal portraits, only conceptual ideas are welcomed . If you are interested, please contact us by sending us a message and we can discuss further the ideas you have & which painting size you would like to go with.
The costs below reflect only conceptual pieces, no portraits or 3d. If there is a different canvas size you had in mind outside of what’s mentioned below, please contact us so we can provide you with a rate. 

24x36 $1250 
30x40 $1750
36x48 $2750 
48x60 $3750 
48x72 $4750  

Thank you for wanting to support & allowing me to create something very special & unique for you!