Hello & thank you greatly for being interested in owning a Whitney Austin Original Painting. We really appreciate your interest!
The price range for original paintings typically start at $6000 and above. Whitney is also happy to offer her collectors a partial payment plan (similar to layaway)-where you would pay half down and the remaining amount in 6 weeks. 
To purchase one of Whitney Austin's paintings, please either contact us through her website or send her a message through social media. Considering her demand, we recommend reaching out immediately once you notice her creating a painting that you find interesting-as her original artwork sells sometimes before a piece is complete.

“New Season”
Price: $12,000
Size: 4ft x 4ft
Acrylic Paint, Pastels, Gold & Silver Foil Leaf, mica flakes, beads, rhinestones, & fabric

“Frederick Douglas”
Price: $4,800
Size: 4ft x 4ft
Acrylic Paint

Frederick Douglas


“Reign Blossoms”
Price: $6,000
Size: 5ft x 6ft
Acrylic Paint

Reign Blossoms

“The Take Over Twins”
Price: $8000
Size: 5ft x 4ft
Acrylic Paint, 3D Paint, & Charcoal

“Hot Lovers”
Price: $7500
Size: 5ft x 4ft
Acrylic Paint, & Charcoal



At this time custom/commissioned pieces are not being accepted due to Whitney's schedule and her focus being on creating even more beautiful artwork.
Again thank you greatly for supporting Whitney Austin!